Stargazing at Gilling Castle

26th Oct 2021 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Our astronomy guides Richard Darn and Neill Sanders from Go Stargazing will take us on a journey of discovery through the Milky Way. Given clear skies, we should be able to see this elusive river of light arching overhead.

We’ll also have telescopes pointed at other wonders, such as the giant planet Jupiter and perhaps even Saturn with its amazing rings! The dark skies above the Howardian Hills will also reveal sparkling star clusters and even other galaxies so far away light takes millions of years to reach us.

We'll kick off the evening with rocket launching as the sun sets, and enjoy fun interactive talks on the wonderful night sky within the amazing setting of Gilling Castle's Great Chamber. There'll also be the chance to handle space rocks over four million years old.

YO62 4HP


Adult: £12.50
Child: £9.50


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