SOLD OUT Deep Sky Exploring at Dalby

23rd Oct 2020 - 1st Nov 2020


Enjoy a guided tour of the night sky in one of the darkest places in the National Park- Dalby Forest. We'll be focusing on objects in our solar system (the moon and other planets) as well as stars that reside far away from Earth within our Milky Way galaxy. View a range of constellations and the objects that reside within them, including deep sky objects such as nebulae, star clusters and galaxies.

We also have our indoor planetarium on standby so if the weather is poor and we can't see any stars, or if we get very cold we can come inside and warm up, and enjoy a tour of the night sky and some immersive films about our solar system, galaxy and universe.

Due to COVID restrictions we can only hold sessions for a maximum of 5 people who must be the same family or bubble. It will be a 90 minute activity. Please enquire for available dates throughout the Festival (23 October- 1 November).


Dalby Forest Courtyard, Low Dalby, Pickering
YO18 7LT


Adult: £60 for up to five people


Booking essential, go to Hidden Horizons website